*UPDATE October 2017*

Good Morning Van community…just wanted to offer an update on what’s going on with RS Fab Parts over the past few months and ask that each of you keep us in your thoughts as we work through the next few months to bring you even better van products and service.
A few months ago we were hit with a delivery of pour grade aluminum. Not usually a big deal, we would catch it and send it back. Unfortunately we didn’t realize there was a problem until the machining process was complete and paid for. When we began the next steps of building your shifter we realized the aluminum was subpar and there was no chance of letting it get into your vans. We stopped production immediately and began to work on correcting the problem. To date we have corrected the issues but have a fairly large hill to climb on the financial front with such a loss.
We are currently working with a team of people who truly want to see us succeed and simply ask for your patience and continued support over the upcoming months. We assure you that we are in the process of righting the ship and also charting a new and better course together. We have about 25 orders that are currently our top priority and will communicate over the next few weeks with you directly regarding your orders.
Thanks again Van community and we look forward to serving you in an even greater way as we change our business model!

August 2015:

My name is Ray Miller, an avid Volkswagen fanatic for quite a few years now. I’m getting older now and the days of bugs, type 3’s and split window busses are gone. So I finally had to take the leap and purchase a Vanagon to continue my obsession.   About a year and a half ago, I purchased a Vanagon to use as a family vehicle for my large family, and to use on our family road trips.  On our first road trip, we lost 4th gear partway through; and though we were still able to finish our trip, I knew I would have to replace the transmission.  After some thought, and considering the mileage and the large areas we cover on road trips, I decided I would like to find a way to make sure my vehicle was dependable, yet have easier, more affordable access to parts if the need arises.  After scanning for available parts and upgrades it was a little disheartening, so I started fabricating my own parts and upgrades for my Vanagon.  RS Fab parts was established many years ago in my head but now have an outlet for my ideas, ideas to make our Vanagon better, more enjoyable, more modern.  Reliability, Price and Quality are first priority at RS Fab parts!


Please feel free to email with any questions!


Ray Miller



Thank you for your time, Lets get these Vanagon’s moving!


One thought on “About Us

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Ray
    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I would just like to put on record that the Big shot Shifter I purchased from you a couple of years ago is still performing in an awesome manner as it did from day one. I have 2 mates that also have the big shot shifter 1 5 speed the other your more recently launched Auto version and both are as happy as I am. Keep up the good work and hope things pick up for you. By the way for anyone reading this I am in Australia so it was a leap of faith for us to order from so far away but we are glad we did.

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