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Front Linkage Rod Weldment

$89.99 $69.99

Replace your old, worn or broken Shifter tab ears for better shifting.  Our new weldment is an exact replacement for the factory unit.  Kit includes weldment, new shifter tabs and epoxy for installation.

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2WD/Syncro 4WD Front Linkage Rod

$369.00 $249.99

Contains complete front rod setup with shifter tabs, slip yoke and retaining collar.

SKU: 0001001 Category:
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Linkage Rod System

$749.99 $549.99

Linkage Rod System includes Front Rod, Rear Rod, Front Bushing, Rear Bushing, Midpoint Universal w/pins, Shifter Tabs, Anti-seize, and epoxy.

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RS FAB Sweet Van Sticker


“If you’re close enough to read this, it’s a pretty sweet van huh…?”

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RS FAB Unicorn Sticker


C’mon,ya know you want one.

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RS FAB Lanyards


Hang your keys in style

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Sturdy, black/white Port Authority fitted hats.

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RS FAB Sticker


Throw one on your glass and let everyone know how easy your shifting.

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